…Swindon’s Thriving Economy Can Deliver

There has been a great deal of doom and gloom over the last few years: recession, a depressed economy, high unemployment, fewer opportunities for school leavers and graduates, cost-cutting…the list goes on. It really does seem like things are starting to look up, though, and perhaps nowhere more so than for people looking for jobs in Swindon.

The future’s bright…

We’ve been taking a look at the latest Centre for Cities: Cities Outlook 2015 report, published in January. This national research publication takes an annual snapshot of the UK’s 64 largest urban centres and compares and contrasts the fortunes of some of the country’s biggest cities.  Considering our size and profile, the news is really good for Swindon. In fact, it shows that our town is definitely punching above its weight and giving bigger urban sprawls such as London and Manchester a run for their money!

For example, Swindon has the third highest growth in population of all UK urban centres, after Milton Keynes and Peterborough. In fact, according to this year’s report, Swindon has seen a population increase of more than double the national average between 2004 and 2013. Why does this translate into good news for people seeking jobs in Swindon? Simply put, population growth does not just include new babies being born. It’s a reflection of people moving into the town from other areas, seeking the economic opportunities available there. It’s therefore a pretty good indicator that an area is thriving and there are prospects to be had for businesses and jobseekers alike.

And speaking of businesses, another key statistic we picked up from this fascinating report is that the growth in numbers of businesses here has been phenomenal too. In fact, there has been an increase overall of 29% between 2004 and 2013, making it the fourth highest growth area behind Aberdeen, London and Warrington.

Take that into consideration with the fact that, of the 64 cities examined, Swindon has the 3rd highest employment rate: the report shows that 78% of the working population were gainfully employed between July 2013 and June 2014. Add into the mix that here, we have four private sector jobs for every one public sector one, and we’re building up a picture of a strong and diverse economy. There is a wealth of jobs in Swindon Wiltshire available, at all levels and in a whole variety of sectors from retail to financial services, from computer technologies to car manufacturing.

Be happy in your work

We don’t want to blind you with facts and figures. However, we do have one last statistic for you – and it’s a pretty critical one, when you think about it. The World Health Organisation and others estimate that we spend around one third of our adult life at work. That’s a staggering amount of time. While no-one ever says on their death bed they wished they’d spent more time at work, there’s certainly no reason to settle for a job that makes you seriously unhappy. Maybe you haven’t felt the benefit of Swindon’s success yet; or perhaps you’re looking for new opportunities to try and improve your working day. No matter whether you’re looking for administrative, commercial, warehouse or construction jobs in Swindon, you’re in the right place.

Reflecting the town’s success in this year’s Cities Outlook report, Storm Recruitment has a wide range of temporary, permanent and contract jobs available on our books. Why not take a look at the vacancies we have on offer, or give us a ring to have an informal chat about finding your next role with us?

Welcome to our new blog! Spring is a time for clearing the decks and making fresh starts and that’s something we’ve helped a lot of people do over the years. We’ve also been looking critically at our website and are investing a little time and energy in a refresh. After all, we have over 35 years’ experience in the Swindon job market, so we know we’ve got a lot to share.

Over the coming months, we’ll look at all manner of topics (recruitment-related, of course) to help jobseekers and employers get the most out of our services. Keep reading and feel free to comment, whether you’d like more information, want to add your own experiences of filling vacancies or finding jobs in Swindon, or simply beg to differ with any of our opinions!

Many readers will already know us, but if you’ve stumbled across our site while looking for administrative, commercial, warehouse or construction jobs in Swindon, here in brief is how we can help you.

Storm Recruitment for Job Seekers

There’s a bewildering array of ways to find jobs these days, from Jobcentreplus to the local media, from online job boards like Indeed or Monster to good old-fashioned contacts. Where we differ and excel is by offering a far more personalised approach to every candidate. We pride ourselves on getting to know you, so we can find you the vacancies that match your requirements. We’ll familiarise ourselves with your qualifications, experience and career aspirations, advising you on your CV and more to help you find your ideal role, whether that’s a short-term vacancy, a contract or full-time employment.

The advantage of signing up with Storm Recruitment is our experience: we know the local area, the economy and have links with many of the major employers. So no matter where you are in your career cycle – looking for a first job, relocating to Swindon or finding a new role after an unexpected redundancy or career change – build up a relationship with us and you’ll find that we’ll do our best to find you your dream role.

Storm Recruitment for Businesses

Business is all about people. Often, the key to a company’s success is getting the right people in the right positions at the right time. However, we all know that recruitment is a highly resource-intensive activity. Inadvertently hire the wrong person for a role and you’ve simply thrown time and money down the drain. That’s why many companies in the Wiltshire area rely on recruitment agencies like Storm.

We take the time to get to know your business – what your ethos is, how you work and what your expectations of future employees are. We then look at the brief for the specific role you have on offer. What makes us popular with local employers is being able to match the right applicant to the right vacancy. Whether you need someone to hit the ground running or prefer someone with potential you can train from scratch, we’ll do the legwork for you.

For us, it’s not how many people we can offer you to fill your role, but how many of the RIGHT people. Because we know if we get it right, you’ll come back to us the next time you have a vacancy to fill – and every time after that too.

Start the dialogue

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